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Ser Educacional announces the creation of b.Uni

First Brazilian higher education digital account fintech will start operations in December offering digital financial products and services and cashbacks

Recife, November 24, 2021 - Ser Educacional group, one of the largest private education groups in Brazil, takes one more step in its strategy of diversifying its services and creating an ecosystem that brings together all the possibilities for its audience. In this sense, the Company announces the launch of b.Uni, the first fintech in the higher education sector, which will offer digital financial solutions for students.

According to Janguiê Diniz, Ser Educacional‘s founder and Chairman of the Board, b.Uni launch aims to introduce students to the financial market. "This is the first digital accounts fintech launched by a higher education institution in Brazil, an innovative idea, since we will be dedicated to creating financial products and services designed for students, encouraging them to enter the financial market through our differentiated and attractive offer for this audience whose needs and particularities we know very well".

For Jânyo Diniz, the Company‘s CEO, "our fintech will be important for the consolidation of the continuing education ecosystem, which combines strong and recognized brands in the market with a full portfolio of courses in an omnichannel distribution model and a unique experience for students. We want to enable access to financial products and services for students, bringing benefits aimed at facilitating their educational life, such as cashback for those who pay their tuition fees on time, thus contributing to the development of their financial education", he explains.

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