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Notice to the Market

Recife, December 11, 2020. Ser Educacional, one of the largest private education groups in Brazil and the leader in the Northeast and North regions, pursuant to Law 6,404/1976 and CVM Instruction 358/2002, hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general that today the Company surpassed the symbolic mark of 200 thousand post-secondary education students and announces a new cycle of investments in digital education, of R$150 million, in 2021.

The unprecedented mark was reached thanks to the growth of virtually all of its education segments, especially the new undergraduate and graduate Digital Courses launched in June 2020.

"The Digital Courses aim at specific job market demands and have an innovative intake process, 100% of which carried out through social media and digital marketing. Unlike traditional EAD courses, students do not need to wait for classes to be formed and may begin studying immediately after enrollment, by accessing an education platform that provides great experience, where students can access the content through any type of device, in fluid language that adapts students’ needs, in a pedagogical model based on active methodologies. Our digital platforms received investments of nearly R$50 million in the last two years in creation of content and development of new functionalities", said Jânyo Diniz, CEO of Ser Educacional.

With the growth of its student base and higher demand for distance learning courses, the Company will begin a new cycle of investments in digital education, of approximately R$150 million, in 2021. Of this amount, up to R$100 million will be invested in the acquisition of digital education companies (EdTechs) and R$50 million will be invested in the development of its education platform and in the creation of new types of courses, digital content and apps, which will increase students’ experience. The expansion plan also includes the resumption of the opening of units and distance learning centers, with five digital units that will offer 100% online blended courses and 50 distance learning centers, dedicated to offering online courses.

"The next few years will be crucial for the development of the Brazilian post-secondary education and Ser Educacional will seek to actively participate in this process. In 2021 we will make significant investments in digital education, in order to continue our growth trajectory based on organic growth combined with acquisitions, with a view to create an increasingly attractive proposal of value to our students. Digital education companies will be important to our strategy, as they will help us join the continuing education market and accelerate the progress of our education platform. They are also a major source of innovation for the industry," Diniz added.

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