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Ser Educacinal Gets Clearance to Expand its Distance-Learning Operations

Recife, June 21, 2017, Ser Educacional (BM&FBOVESPA SEER3, Bloomberg SEER3:BZ and Reuters SEER3.SA), one of the largest private education groups in Brazil and the leader in the Northeast and North regions, hereby announces that the Ministry of Education (MEC) published Ordinance no. 11 on Diário Oficial da União today, which will allow Grupo Ser Educacional to expand its distance-learning operations.

The Ordinance, which regulated Executive Oder no. 9,057 of May 25, 2017, provides for post-secondary education institutions accredited for distance-learning programs with Institutional Concept (CI) equal to 4 or 5 to open up to 150 and 200 new distance-learning education centers per year, respectively.

Given that the Company currently has two post-secondary education institutions accredited for distance-learning programs with individual Institutional Concepts (CI) equal to 4 (UNINASSAU - Recife/PE and UNG/UNIVERITAS - Guarulhos/SP), the new Ordinance, therefore, will allow immediate expansion of the activities, from the current 18 distance-learning centers to a total of up to 318 centers.

In addition, last May, the National Education Council (CNE) approved the Company’s accreditation for the distance-learning program of Centro Universitário Maurício de Nassau Maceió (with 29 centers), which is awaiting the publication of the accreditation ordinance. Given that UNINASSAU Maceió also has Institutional Concept equal to 4, as soon as the Ordinance is published, UNINASSAU will be able to open another 150 centers, totaling 179 centers for UNINASSAU Maceió alone, which, in addition to the 318 centers of UNINASSAU Recife and UNG/UNIVERITAS, will give a total of up to 497 centers in operation.

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