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Notice to the Market

Recife, January 6, 2016 - Ser Educacional S.A. (BM&FBOVESPA SEER3, Bloomberg SEER3:BZ and Reuters SEER3.SA), one of the largest private education groups in Brazil and the leader in the Northeast and North of the country, in accordance with CVM Instruction 358/2002, as amended, announces to its shareholders, investors and the general market that the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION ("MEC"), the NATIONAL EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT FUND ("FNDE") and the STUDENT FINANCING FUND ("FIES") published, on the date hereof, through the SisFIES portal, the following documents:

1 - Annual Schedule of Repurchases - 2016
2 - Schedule of CFT-E Transfers - 2016
3 - Schedule of FIES Tax Payment Lots - 2016

It is important to note that the documents indicate that, in 2016, 12 transfers and repurchases of treasury financial certificates will be made and that the CFT-E transfers for the payment of one-fourth (¼) of the educational charges outstanding from 2015, that are owed to Postsecondary Institutions or groups of Institutions under shared control with more than 20,000 students enrolled who have contracted student financing from FIES, will be effected by June 30, 2016. The full versions of said documents are attached to this Notice to the Market (in Portuguese only)."

Please click here to access the full document.

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Investor Relations Officer

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Investor Relations Assistant Manager

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