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Ser Educacional and Ideal Invest Create Partnership to offer Private Student Loan

Recife, March 18, 2015 - Ser Educacional S.A (BM&FBOVESPA: SEER3), one of the largest private education groups in Brazil and leader in the Northeast and North regions in number of students enrolled, hereby announces announces that the Company and Ideal Invest, management company of PRAVALER university credit program, signed a partnership to offer private loan in University courses at all Group’s units.

The PRAVALER is Brazil’s largest private student loan program and currently relies on more than 50,000 students and over R$1 billion financed monthly tuition fees. According to Mr. Jânyo Diniz, CEO of Grupo Ser Educacional, "the student loan culture is an issue which has been significantly developing over the past years and this partnership is relevant, so that we can expand the credit alternatives to our students".

"In this new scenario, the PRAVALER university credit program became one of the major inclusion tools for higher education. With loan, students are able to pursuing their goal of graduation, which opens opportunity for their professional development. For Ser Educacional, having a partner specialized in financial solutions, allows it to drive its time and resources to what is really important, i.e., invest in the quality of its courses", explains Mr. Carlos Furlan, Ideal Invest’s executive officer.

Once formalized the partnership, until R$1 billion will be available to finance students’ monthly tuition fees at all the Company’s units, under the following loan conditions for students:

- Loan of up to 100% of monthly tuition fees throughout course duration;

- Each monthly tuition fee is divided into two installments and student starts paying a lower amount during his/her course. After graduation, student has a period to settle the loan. For instance, in a 4-year course, student pays the loan during eight years;

- Ser Educacional will partially subsidize the interest rates and student will only pay 3.4% p.a. the rate of FIES;

For Mr. Habib Bichara, the Company’s Chief Financial Officer, "this partnership with Ideal Invest will allow students to have access to credit at competitive rates. With this mode of payment students will be able to reduce the burden of tuition fees in their budget. The loan remaining amount will be paid after graduation, a period where usually students improve their income levels, as they already got their diploma and studied in an institution, which focus on their students’ employability".

"We have been assessing other private student loan alternatives, including the reformulation of Educred, a program created by Grupo Ser Educacional since 2007. The objective is to offer a complete student loan platform, which combines public and private alternatives", added Mr. Jânyo Diniz.

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