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Notice to Shareholders

Recife, November 14, 2014 - Ser Educacional S.A (BM&FBOVESPA: SEER3),hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general that, at a meeting held on this date, the Company’s Board of Directors, pursuant to Article 16, item (g) and Article 28, Paragraph 2 of the Bylaws, resolved, ad referendum of the next Shareholders’ Meeting, to proceed with the distribution of interest on equity, as follows:

1. Payment of interest on equity in the gross amount of R$7,019,764.25, equivalent to R$0.056062474 per common Company share, subject to withholding income tax of 15%, except for those shareholders duly exempt from said tax or domiciled in countries where the legislation establishes different rates. Pursuant to the prevailing legislation, shareholders exempt from income tax, if they have not already done so, should deliver proof of said status by November 21st, 2014, to Ser Educacional’s Investor Relations area, at Rua Guilherme Pinto, nº 146, Graças, CEP 52011-210, Recife, PE, Brasil, c/o Natasha Namie Nakagawa,
Tel.: (5581) 3412-6285 or (5511) 2769 3223.

2. Shareholders registered with the depository financial institution for the Company’s shares on November 14, 2014, will be entitled to receive payment of the interest on equity. Shares will be traded ex-interest-on-equity as of November 17, 2014, inclusive. Payment will be effected as of November 28, 2014, with no additional remuneration.

3. Shareholders whose shares are held in custody by the Brazilian Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange (BM&FBovespa) will receive payment in accordance with the procedures adopted by said entity.

4. In the case of shareholders whose registration details do not include their individual/corporate taxpayer’s ID (CPF/CNPJ) or their bank/branch or current account number, payment will be effected as of the third business day following the updating of their registration details in the electronic files of Banco Itaú S.A., which can be done at any Banco Itaú branch or by correspondence addressed to Banco Itaú S.A. - Diretoria de Serviços para o Mercado de Capitais - Gerência de Operações/Unidade de Ações e Debêntures, at Rua Ururai, 111- Tatuapé - São Paulo/SP - CEP 03084-010

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IR Contact:

Natasha Nakagawa
Investor Relations Officer
Phone.: +55 (81) 3413 4615